Amalfi, a town in Salerno situated on a namesake Gulf, boasts spectacular scenery including lofty cliffs. A center of the old world's maritime activity, this locale was a popular spot for England's high society and is now a widely popular tourist destination.

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Villa Rufolo
In Ravello, near Amalfi, visitors take in ocean views amid colorful floral gardens at this 13th century villa.

Grotta dello Smeraldo
When in Amalfi, don't miss this cave. A boat tour will take you to Grotta dello Smeraldo, a scenic and exceptional grotto.

Path of the Lemons
Life in Amalfi gives you lemons! This steep-staired hike offers panoramic views and a bounteous amount of yellow citrus.
Getting Around
Simply walking around the towns on the Amalfi Coast is recommended. But if you're going between the region's towns, a car is the way to go. Take SS163 highway for a breathtakingly scenic drive akin to Highway 1 in Central California.