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Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece

The Old Town of Rhodes is a definite place to start when exploring the Greek island. The walled medieval fortresses bustling neighborhood is very much alive with locals who live and work in the same buildings. As you stroll the Greek alleys, you see many types of medieval buildings, fountains, motifs, a mosques, and gothic churches. Shops and cafeterias are spotted throughout, all creating a unique and picturesque town. The Suleymaniye Mosque was the first in the town of Rhodes, built soon after Ottomans besieged it and captured it in 1522. Unfortunately, at the moment you can only see the Mosque of Suleiman from the outside as restoration work is being done.


A visit to the medieval Palace of the Grand Masters in Rhodes Old Town and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is a must. The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the arched halls of the ground floor.

As you enter the enormous arched doorway you are struck with a view of a large courtyard sprinkled with statues from the Greek and Roman period. Walking around viewing the statues is fascinating but going up the grand marble staircase takes you to a whole different level. As I strolled around each of the grand rooms, I could not help but be impressed with the floor mosaics. The inside of the rooms display lavish artifacts, wall hangings and carved seats that is remarkable. Once you have completed the tour of the palace rooms, take a minute and visit the small museum located in the right corner of the courtyard that has over 2,000 years of Ancient Rhodes exhibition. You will find an interesting collection of pottery and historic artifacts from ancient Rhodes.  

Palace of Grand Master

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 20:00pm

Cost: 6 Euros per adult  and Free under age 18

The Street of the Knights of Rhodes

Next stop on my list of best things to do in Rhodes, Greece is The Street of the Knights of Rhodes, another highlight of the Medieval City of Rhodes.

The well-preserved cobble paved street runs from the Palace of the Grand Master down to the Hospital of the Knights of Saint John at the sea. Its seven inns or lodges used to house the knights, one for each of the seven different countries from which they came. Today, the lodges house government offices as well as cultural institutions.  

The Medieval Clock Tower Roloi

The Medieval Clock Tower Roloi is a byzantine structure that was originally built at the end of the 7th. century, and has undergone several changes over the years. It is now a piece of Rhodes history where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Old Town Rhodes.  

The New Town of Rhodes

Next stop on my best things to do in Rhodes, Greece blog post is the New Town. In the New Town it feels like you are in a modern city instead of a walled medieval fortress.

Acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis of Rhodes Town is situated at the highest point of the city, on the hill of Monte Smith. The green and beautifully laid out archaeological park contains the Hellenistic stadium, built in the 3rd century BC, where the athletic events of the Alioi Games took place. The excavations and restoration work going on at the Acropolis have been going on for a long time and continues today. On the summit of the Acropolis stands the Temple of Pythian Apollo, the patron deity of the city. From that point you have a panoramic view of the city and the sea.  

Kallithea Thermal Springs

Kallithea Thermal Springs, a Hidden Gem of Rhodes, located at the bay of Kallithea, about 6 miles from the City of Rhodes. Kallithea Thermal Springs is an ideal place to spend the day; to relax and to enjoy the unique and beautiful combination of nature, architecture, and history. The Picturesque Bay has pebble stone mosaics, lush gardens, and clear crystal waters with health-improving properties to relax you. A taxi from Rhodes Old Town is about €10, and the entrance fee to the thermal springs is €3.50.  

Lindos, Greece

Lindos, Greece is a small town located on the east coast of Rhodes, about an hour's drive south of Rhodes. The town has lots of narrow cobblestone streets, white-washed houses, small shops, and two lovely beaches, but most visitors want to climb up to the clifftop acropolis. Visitors with mobility issues may not be able to climb up to the acropolis; it is about a 100-foot climb over a very uneven trail followed by a climb of steep steps through the fortress. Those who make the climb to the top of the Acropolis will not be disappointed with the breathtaking views of the village on one side and Saint Paul's Bay on the other.

St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul’s Bay is a beautiful bay with rocks on either side. If you want to visit St Paul’s Bay you have to walk about 15 minutes through the village but you can also take a taxi to save your legs. Upon arrival you will see two bays. A great spot to enjoy a swim, snorkel and the golden sandy beach.


Rhodes is truly one of the best places to visit in Greece. A wonderful place to experience delicious local food, beautiful crystal-clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere, Rhodes, Greece has something for everyone to enjoy.

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