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15 Best Places to Travel in 2022

New year, new travel destinations, am I right? With 2022 right around the corner, you're probably trying to plan your vacations. There are so many places to go and so little time.

If you're trying to narrow it down, we have some amazing suggestions for you. Here are the places that top our travel list in 2022.

1. Norway

It's rare to find a country as breathtakingly beautiful as Norway. Norway is one of the most remote and stunning countries in Europe, known for its incredible scenery and spectacular fjords: it has the highest concentration of fjords of anywhere in the world. There is a plethora of ways to stay active and take in the views. You'll also enjoy the large historic cities, magnificent cathedrals, and don't forget to visit the world's longest tunnel, Lærdal Tunnel.

2. Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a myriad of landscapes featuring vast prairies and sky-high cliffs. You'll want to check out the jagged Canadian Rocky Mountains, pristine turquoise lakes, and ancient glaciers. Banff and Jasper National Park are must-sees during your trip, but don't forget to check other historical and scenic areas in Alberta like the Dinosaur Provincial Park, where real dinosaurs used to roam; the Hoodoos; and Headsmashed in Buffalo Jump, an ancient indigenous site.

3. Balearic Islands, Spain

This gorgeous Mediterranean oasis is the perfect way to get away from it all. About 150 miles from the coast of mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands offer striking mountains and crystal Mediterranean views. Mallorca is probably the most popular of the islands. It has cultural events as well as some of the most stunning beaches.

4. Singapore

Singapore exquisitely combines the old with the new, a bustling metropolis in a beautiful setting. You'll be able to tour century-old temples, vibrant greenery, bustling food halls, and luxury shopping. Visit Singapore in 2022 to pamper your sense with the food and architecture alone.

5. London – (Queens Platinum Jubilee)

Royal fans won't want to miss The Queen's Platinum Jubilee in London in 2022. Queen Elizabeth II will be the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years on the throne, and the celebrations are sure to be magnificent. Not to mention, if you're looking for a 2000-year-old city full of art, architecture, food, and fashion, you're headed to the right place.

6. Sicily, Italy

Sicily has everything you could want from a European beach vacation: beautiful natural wonders and fascinating cultural activities. With gorgeous weather, mouthwatering culinary experiences, and the Mediterranean Sea for miles, you'll have the 2022 vacation of a lifetime on Italy's largest island.

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is unique due to its diversity. A mix of cultures, races, and religions make the cultural attractions even more striking and varied. Not to mention the architecture and landscape will take your breath away. You can enjoy thriving, modern cities, colonial architecture, relaxed beaches, and lush jungles in the same country.

8. The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of freshwater globally and well worth visiting. You'll be immediately struck by the ocean-like qualities of the water, like the strong winds and currents, rolling waves, and lake sunsets. There is plenty to explore in the many national parks, wildlife preserves, clear waters, and gorgeous beaches, so pack your walking shoes.

9. Japan

Japan is one of the best countries in the world to explore, and anyone who's visited won't disagree. Combine the history of one of the oldest civilizations in the world with some of the most photographic natural landscapes, and you have a gorgeous mix. You'll also feel comfortable knowing that Japan is one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world.

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide, and for good reason. It offers an unparalleled tropical vacation experience due to its golden beaches, abundant wildlife, and endless adventures. Vast protected spaces, incredible biodiversity, and a warm climate in Costa Rica make it a place you'll want to visit in 2022.

11. Istanbul

Torn between choosing between Asia and Europe? Try Istanbul. Located between the two continents, this major city in Turkey has a 2500-year-old history of deep culture and traditions. You'll be blown by the landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and gorgeous views the metropolis presents.

12. Easter Island, Chile (Rapa Nui)

Easter Island is known for the more than 1000 moai, or monumental statues built by the early Rapa Nui people on Easter Island. But this UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only steeped in history but also features extinct volcanoes, lava tunnels, and caves of old, secret ocean bays and jagged coastlines.

13. New Zealand

New Zealand dazzles visitors with snowcapped mountains, beautiful beaches, misty volcanoes, and impressive geysers. A dream for the active adventurer, it's also full of friendly people, rich indigenous history, and some of the best wine and food around.

14. Tahiti

Tahiti is the perfect place for a true tropical escape. The white and black sand beaches draw visitors from all over, and the locals are more than happy to teach diving and surfing lessons on the shore. Don't forget to book a land tour to visit the jungles, waterfalls, and valleys. Tahiti is not the place for raging nightlife, but in turn, you'll enjoy some of the best views of the night sky.

15. Iceland

Iceland has long been known as a place of natural, almost surreal beauty. In fact, many a sci-fi film has used the rugged terrain of Iceland as its backdrop. There are craters, bright green moss, towering glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, and lava fields throughout much of the country. When you're not out exploring the wilderness, you'll enjoy the Nordic towns on this island straddling Europe and North America.


Which place will you be visiting first?

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