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Visiting Glacier Bay On A Cruise Ship

If you’re looking for an Alaska glacier cruise , then you must go with an itinerary that includes Glacier Bay.Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is an American national park located in Southeast Alaska west of Juneau. Glacier Bay is an incredible day cruise to do to witness some of the best glaciers in Alaska. What a sight Glacier Bay is to see. It’s also a very popular Alaska tourist attraction. We recently did an Alaska summer cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. Last summer we did the 7-Day Alaska with Glacier Bay from Seattle on the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship. Out of all the places to visit in Alaska, many onboard of the Norwegian Pearl would probably agree of all things to see in Alaska, Glacier Bay was high on their list. When the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship reached Glacier Bay, the empty decks were full. People loved seeing the Glacier Bay glaciers. We all saw icebergs and calving glaciers too! Have a look at our video of the breathtaking Glacier Bay tour while we were on the Norwegian Pearl.

We also captured amazing Glacier Bay photos. To be honest, pictures just do not do Glacier Bay justice. You have to get to one of the most popular inside passage Alaska locations and see the beauty for yourself. The Glacier Bay glaciers such as the Margerie Glacier are ever-changing and there are plenty of sheltered fjords, rainforests and wildlife to spot. We spotted a few bears while doing the Glacier Bay cruise. Our cruise director announced whenever you came across wildlife. It is possible to spot humpback whales, sea otters, and bald eagles while doing the Glacier Bay cruise. While doing the Glacier Bay cruise you will hear a lot of white thunder along with glacier calving. It was amazing to hear. The Norwegian Pearl spent about an hour in front of the Margerie Glacier, so if you do a glacier bay national park cruise, you will have plenty of time to every photo or video that you desire. If you have yet to see glaciers or love to see them, Glacier Bay is definitely one of the top things to do in Alaska.  

What Cruise Lines Go to Glacier Bay in 2022?

Many Alaska cruise itineraries include Glacier Bay tours, but we will make it easier and list which cruise lines go to glacier bay Alaska.

  • Carnival Cruises
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Holland America
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises

Interested in one of the cruises visiting Glacier Bay? Contact us now and we will provide you with Alaskan cruise prices. We will get you on the best cruise line for an Alaska cruise. What are you waiting for? Book now and see the beautiful Glacier Bay National Park!

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